Niklas Froese

Niklas Froese

Niklas Froese – born July 1986 in Aachen, Germany – is a Musician and Designer currently living and working in Leipzig.

He learned playing the guitar in his early childhood and grew up playing music together with friends. Back then, the music was an experimental version of progressive rock.

This changed, when – at around 20 years old – he discovered the world of electronic music, while at the same time being bored about the “guitarist scene”, which kept keeping a focus on the technical site of playing an instrument instead of caring for the actual music.

He let the guitar rest and opened up his ears to new worlds of sounds. Up until now his influences are very broad, ranging from contemporary classical music, folk, jazz and techno to hip hop and especially the “neo-classical” way of approaching acoustic instruments, with a focus on atmosphere and emotion rather than on technical instrumentalism.

Now, his music can be considered a blend of acoustic instruments, field recordings and abstract electronic sounds and beats.

On the Way Home is the first film he composed music for.

Besides his solo work, Niklas is part of ambient/electronic-experimental/multilaptop-project Dåbermann, together with Timo Schmitz and Chris Muller.

Niklas’ design work was mainly developed during his Bachelor study “Communication & Multimediadesign” at University of Applied Sciences Aachen and Hogeschool Zuyd, Maastricht – which he finished in 2010. During these years Niklas gained knowledge in print, web and interface design, video editing, keyframe animation and learned a way of bringing these skills together for the benefit of the projects at hand.

Today, Niklas is passionate about having a meaningful life. He is geared towards using his skills to help create a world, that is more sustainable, that makes individuals more independent and empowered and helps them follow their heart. For now, he does so by developing a communication platform for a grassroot project near Leipzig, that re-connects people with their local food and by collaborating with a german rapper and writer, whose mission is to remind people about their true potential in life. More to come.

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